Denton Corker Marshall

Trinity Riverview is a 35 storey residential tower situated on New Bailey Street next to the listed Albert Bridge which links Manchester City Centre with Salford across the River Irwell.

The building incorporates 318 apartments with associated resident amenity areas and is a landmark development in Select Property Group’s expanding Affinity Living PRS brand.

The highly prominent gateway location of the site required a building of exceptional design quality. We responded to this by proposing a simple architectural form expressed as a single billet of steel using silver metallic panels throughout the facade and natural anodised aluminium vertical fins to emphasise the slenderness of the massing.

The first three floors are set back from the street to draw views through to the river allowing us the opportunity to incorporate four triple-height, free-standing columns to dramatically signal the main entrance to the scheme.

A resident’s private dining room with additional amenity areas are arranged in a roof-top ‘box’ that extends out beyond the main building façade line. This feature not only completes the overall architectural composition but also offers the residents a unique and thrilling dining experience.

Select Property Group
United Kingdom
Gross Internal Area
£62 million
Completion Due 2020