Denton Corker Marshall

Sheba hospital is the biggest and busiest hospital in Israel and until now it has not been provided with an adequate public transport service. The proposed bridge, named Nehushtan after the Medicinal Snake, introduces a link above the new tram line as well as facilitating a connection between the hospital and the new locally emerging neighbourhoods into one urban identity.

The Nehushtan has a sinuous form that is moulded into the landscape and floats on top of the Boulevard. The curved balustrade made from perforated metal, plays with light and shadow whilst providing shade to the user.

DCM worked together with Meinhardt Engineers on the proposed design concept starting from a reflection on the typical U-frame arrangement of steel bridges. The U-frame section is altered to form a continuous shape where the lateral and transverse beams create a single continuous shell. This keeps the same structural behaviour whilst permitting and enhancing the sinuous alignment of the bridge.

Our entry into this open competition was selected as one of the finalists.

Tel Aviv, Israel