Denton Corker Marshall

Denton Corker Marshall was short-listed as a finalist in the competition for the Criminal Court Building on the new Justice Campus in Madrid.

The brief required a total of 121 courtrooms serving Criminal Courts, Magistrates Courts, Violence towards Women Courts, Criminal Executionary Courts and Penitential Monitoring Courts as well as the public facilities, support offices, meeting rooms and archives.

The Campus Masterplan had prescribed that each of the buildings were circular in plan to a defined size with a circular void at the centre, effectively a ‘donut’ shape with a maximum height restriction.

The circular void at the centre was developed as an 8 storey atrium space which acted as the main orientation device as well as an arrival hall for the staff and court attendees. Located in the centre of the atrium are two green towers which become focal points within the space and contain the main vertical circulation for the public.

The building is wrapped on the outside from Ground Level to Roof Level by a perforated metallic veil. This provides the building with a single architectural form on its outer face whilst acting as a shading device to the accommodation located behind.

Campus de la Justicia
Madrid, Spain