Denton Corker Marshall

The project is located at the Culloden Estate, a verdant undeveloped former agricultural estate on the North West coast of Tobago.

The development comprises forty five two bedroom apartments accommodated in separate wings, the apartments are designed as holiday accommodation but also so as to be able to be used flexibly as room stock for the hotel business as required.

The apartments are located at the highest point of the site, on either side of the central facility which provides restaurant, bar, and swimming pool facilities as well as a spectacular sunset terrace.

In addition there are 50 individual luxury villas, designed to reflect the local culture in choice of materials and style. These are positioned to take maximum advantage of the dramatic typography of the site as well as the views of the ocean.

Two beaches, with beach bar and fishing facilities are located on the coast as part of the development. Within the natural landscape of the Culloden River valley is an exclusive luxury spa providing first class treatment and relaxation facilities with its own pool and café.

Throughout the architectural language is inspired by the vernacular of the region but with an unmistakably contemporary feel to achieve a result that respects the natural environment and provides the resort with a ‘sense of place’.

Culloden Reef Investment Ltd
Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
co-rd Limited, Trinidad