Denton Corker Marshall

Denton Corker Marshall was invited by developer Manchester Life to produce an impartial assessment and proposal for the site of the Central Retail Park, Manchester.

The site provides a development area of circa 1.7 hectares / 4.4 acres on the eastern edge of Manchester City Centre and it is a significant link between the established areas of Ancoats and New Islington and those areas emerging further east, such as Holt Town and Eastlands.

The site is adjacent to both the Cotton Field Park, through which the Rochdale Canal runs and the Ancoats Conservation area. Islington Wharf lies beyond this and together, this context provides a distinct setting for this development site.

Connectivity to the parkland setting of Cotton Field Park and the Canal was considered a primary generator for the design and DCM produced an urban solution that tied this setting to the adjacent City Centre with a mix of scale and density.

Denton Corker Marshall’s proposals formed the basis of the financial assessment of the site which was subsequently used to purchase the site.

Manchester Life
Manchester, UK