Denton Corker Marshall

Denton Corker Marshall was initially commissioned by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to carry out a feasibility review on a number of potential sites in Manila for the relocation of the British Embassy from its outdated premises.

Following this exercise, we were appointed to carry out all architectural and interior design services for a new embassy building on the selected site. The accommodation includes visa and consular services in a single storey stone-clad pavilion. All other functions are incorporated in long articulated three storey metal clad blocks.

These simple block forms are expressed as a pair of individual components resting up against each other.

An extensive aluminium pergola offers shade over the entrance terrace and supports a lush coverage of bougainvillea. This becomes a soft blanket to counter the hard-edged architectural expression of the main building.

The project was completed within budget and ahead of the contracted construction programme.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Manila, Philippines
Recio + Casas Inc