Denton Corker Marshall

Denton Corker Marshall has worked with Bentley Motors on a number of projects, providing a range of services from full design to ad-hoc advice to suit their development requirements.

In 2010, Denton Corker Marshall produced an initial assessment of the Bentley site on Pyms Lane in Crewe to show how future expansion could be undertaken to achieve more manufacturing capacity and to assess the additional land that would be required to accommodate non-manufacturing functions, such as offices for administration.

As a result of this masterplan, Denton Corker Marshall was asked to work with FutureBrand to design a flagship Customer Interface Building to become a prototype for the design for all Bentley dealerships. The building displays Bentley car ranges to customers for vehicle viewing, purchase selection and personal collection. The building is also used by Bentley to train Dealers in sales processing, vehicle knowledge and customer handover.

Denton Corker Marshall has assisted Bentley on various development considerations and as a result, Denton Corker Marshall is on the framework of architects for Bentley and Volkswagen.

Bentley Motors
Crewe, UK
Branding – FutureBrand