Denton Corker Marshall

Denton Corker Marshall was invited by developer Far East Consortium (FEC) to a select design competition for a residential development on a site known as Angel Gate, Manchester.

The site is to the north of Manchester City Centre and is adjacent to the Northern Gateway project, a major redevelopment project extending from the city centre to the Lower Irk Valley over 155 hectares.

DCM developed the overall plan layout spreading the accommodation in stand-alone blocks across the site to enable the most flexible phasing of the development. Each of the accommodation blocks was designed with the most efficient floor plate size and shape to gain the maximum yield on the overall development cost.

The project was seen as having the potential to showcase the quality of FEC developments and Denton Corker Marshall produced proposals to meet a brief based on a residential model which allowed a mix of units and tenures.

Far East Consortium
Manchester, UK