Denton Corker Marshall

22 Newport Road is a 464 bedroom Student Residential development located on a city centre site adjacent to many of Cardiff University’s academic buildings.

The brief requirement was to provide high quality student accommodation in a combination of Cluster flats and Studio style rooms with an exceptional level of study and amenity space and create one of the most desirable student residences in the city.

The massing of the building is visually broken down into a collection, or mini-cluster, of four distinct blocks. The blocks step in height across the length of the site, from the lowest at 10 storeys to a central core block at 32 storeys, giving the overall development a slender and elegant profile. This architectural approach is enhanced through the use of different cladding colours on individual blocks with deep reveals, or re-entrants, between them.

The Ground Floor has two retail/commercial units and the main student entrance activating the surrounding streetscape. The First and Second floors incorporate extensive communal study and amenity areas including a media room, gym, quiet room and laundry. An additional amenity room is located on the top floor of the core block which offers stunning, panoramic views across the city.

Boardroom Properties
Cardiff, UK